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Get all your basic information about Florida departments/organizations attending the ERF, financial incentives for brownfield redevelopment, state and local programs, property listings, contact information. Check back often as new material will be added regularly.

Departments/Organizations Attending the ERF

News Announcements

Meet and network with other members of the Florida Brownfields Community at Brownfields 2013. 

  • Meet Florida DEP Brownfields staff at the Economic Redevelopment Forum (ERF) on Wednesday May 15 from 5:30-7:30 pm.   

  • Submit information on your available brownfield property at the link below. 

  • Use the Florida ERF booth to market your brownfield property or meet potential buyers. 

  • Stop by EPA Region 4’s booth and meet the EPA Regional Brownfields staff. 

  • For more information contact us (see Florida delegation contact information below) 

State and Local Programs

Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program:  

Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program (Program), established in 1997, empowers communities, local governments and other stakeholders to work together to assess, clean up and reuse brownfields.

Many areas in Florida contain sites with actual or perceived environmental contamination that may present a significant barrier to redevelopment. The Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Act (Act), sections 376.77 - 376.86, Florida Statutes, was adopted by the Florida Legislature in 1997 to provide incentives for local governments and individuals to voluntarily cleanup and redevelop brownfield sites. Participation in the Program results in environmental cleanup, protection of public health, reuse of infrastructure and job creation.

Local governments play a key role in the Program. Financial and regulatory incentives become available when a local government designates a brownfield area by resolution. These financial and regulatory incentives enable local governments and state agencies to partner with the private sector to rehabilitate blighted properties, create jobs and promote sustainable reuse of properties within designated brownfield areas.

Additional information about Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program can be found on our website at:

Financial Incentives for Brownfield Redevelopment

Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment program is an incentive based program for voluntary cleanup and redevelopment of sites.  Florida’s program has two steps for participation; with different incentives associated with each step. 

  1. The first step is designation of a brownfield area by the local government with jurisdiction over the property.  A brownfield area is created by local government resolution. This resolution does not make any evaluation regarding the presence or absence of contamination; it simply makes the benefits of the brownfields program available to properties within the designated area.  There are economic benefits available to properties located in a designated brownfield area and a property may be eligible for these benefits even if no contamination is present.  These benefits include:
    • Bonus refund for job creation-up to $2,500 per job
    • Loan guarantees for primary lenders
      • Up to 50% of project costs on all sites
      • Up to 75% of project costs when the end use is affordable housing or health care
    • Sales tax credit on building materials for affordable housing projects
    • Option to conduct voluntary cleanup on a property within designated brownfield area (see 2. below)
  2. The second step is a brownfield site rehabilitation agreement (BSRA).  If a developer/property owner    wants to conduct voluntary cleanup on a property within a brownfield area, then they may enter into a BSRA with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The BSRA provides liability protections, a framework and schedule for cleanup, and makes voluntary cleanup tax credits available for cleanup costs associated with the brownfield site.  Available tax credits are presented in the table below.


More information on these incentives can be found at the following link: or by contacting the Florida Brownfields program (see contact information below).

Success Stories

Florida’s brownfields success stories are summarized in our Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Program Annual Report.

Property Listings

22nd Street Mixed-Use Development

22nd Street Multifamily Rental

Downtown Gateway Development Opportunity

Downtown Largo Commercial 

Downtown Largo Residential 

Marian Anderson Place (MAP)

Phoenix Commercial Park

If you have a brownfield property from Florida please add to the Brownfields 2013 interactive map. It's a free service! Click here to add your property(ies).

Delegation Contact

For questions regarding your state’s involvement in the Economic Redevelopment Forum or for general information about Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment program please contact:

Kim Walker | Administrator

Brownfields and Federal Facilities Restoration Section


Phone: 850-245-8934

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