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Economic Redevelopment Forum 2013

Located in the center of the Exhibit Hall, the ERF will open on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 5:30PM during the Brownfield Conference Welcoming Reception. The Forum closes on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 2:00PM.

May 15-17, 2013

Exhibit Hall, Georgia world Congress Center

The Economic Redevelopment Forum (ERF) - formerly the Brownfields Conference Transaction Forum - has provided property owners, redevelopment agencies, and communities an opportunity to market their contaminated properties directly to the real estate development industry since 2004.   Last year, the ERF was revamped to meet the current challenges faced in commercial and residential development.  This year, the ERF will operate for two full days in a central location and convene the breadth of key stakeholders crucial to redeveloping a brownfields property.  Participants will gain access to resources for important government financial incentives geared to spur economic development and get projects funded when traditional loans and sources of equity are hard to find.

Forum Features

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Stakeholder Marketplace

The Marketplace will foster communication between states, communities, private property owners and federal government agencies in the “Federal Triangle.”  States, communities, and private owners can market properties and connect with developers, lenders and solution providers from around the country.  

Advisory Panel Consultations

The conference will offer opportunities for consultations with brownfield subject matter experts and professionals.  The Advisory area will provide attendees a central location for both private meetings as well as designated tables for sit-down discussions.  All registered conference participants are eligible for a free advisory panel consultation.

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Redevelopment "Center Stage"



Running concurrently with the Educational Sessions for the general conference will be a track of educational sessions designed for the ERF.  The "Center Stage" will feature brief, practical presentations and sessions on key "on the ground/in the dirt" brownfield sub-market topics.  The session topics will follow a logical sequence from basic to advanced as the conferences progresses. 

Display/View Brownfield Properties

Redevelopment opportunities start months before the conference, as hundreds of available properties go online in a user-friendly Google Maps-based listing service.  This unique technology platform allows interested parties to preview properties prior to the conference to identify and seek out high-priority targets. To list property(s) on Google Maps, attendance at the Economic Redevelopment Forum is not required.

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Updated April 3, 2013.