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Mann Edge Terrace Residual

Water Street, Lewistown, PA 17044

MCIDC had purchased a former industrial site in downtown Lewistown, the County Seat for Mifflin County, Pa. Environmental controls have been accepted per PA Act 2 regulations. The original three acre site had been subdivided and about one-half of the site has been improved with a senior citizen housing project. The residual subdivided parcel is now available. The future project will be part of the Borough's redevelopment strategy that would complement the surrounding improvements already completed. Highest and best uses are thought to be residential and /or commercial.

1 acres
Asking Price or Appraised Value
$150,000.00 (Stormwater permits and evironmental conditions per Pa DEP in place)
Ownership Status
Existing Zoning & Property Land Use
Industrial and below
Surrounding Land Uses
Residential, commercial, recreational
Property URL
Site Characterization Status
All assessments completed; agreements in place for future development
Estimated Remaining Cleanup Costs
None, however agreements for maintenance of roadway, landscaping, and other maintenance should be noted.
Closest Community/City
Lewistown, PA
Potential local, state, tribal and other incentives
This area is part of the Downtown/Elm Street designation per Pennsylvania and County planning and programs. A TIF or tax abatement is possible but not yet negotiated.
Site Assembly
For more info contact
Robert Postal, President