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Flint Coldwater

1245 East Coldwater Road, Flint, MI 48505

A former General Motors plant site, the property was previously improved by a 1.9 million square foot factory built in the early 1950s intended to build jet aircraft engines for the Korean War. In 1952, however, before this manufacturing began, GM purchased the building and began production of interior automotive hardware initially for its Ternstedt Division which later became the Fisher Body Division. In 1996, GM sold the factory to Peregrine who briefly operated the plant for manufacturing before closing in 1998. The building was demolished shortly thereafter. This facility, and the related Delphi Coldwater Road Landfill site, are among the 57 sites covered under the pending GM bankruptcy and work is expected to be performed by the post-bankruptcy trustee using federal funds. The facilities are subject to Corrective Action obligations under Part 111 of the federal Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). These obligations run with the land, regardless of state liability standards. The DNRE Environmental Resource Management Division has been identified as the lead agency.

119 acres
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Flint, MI
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