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What Next? The Future of Brownfields Research in Policy and Practice pre-conference affiliate workshop

Be part of the brownfields community that further explores perspectives and approaches to brownfields research and determines actions that can take place after the Conference to better support policymakers and practitioners.

At the What Next? The Future of Brownfields Research in Policy and Practice pre-conference affiliate workshop, representatives from academia, policy, practice and philanthropy will ask: What Next?

When: Wednesday, May 15th 10:30am - 1:00pm

Where: Omni – International Ballroom A/B

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Brownfields research has greatly contributed to policy and practice, but significant questions remain unanswered and new challenges are emerging. The brownfields community must expand opportunities for new knowledge to inform research and communicate research’s contribution to policy and practice. Workshop participants will 1) take stock of brownfields research and the barriers to applied brownfields research, 2) explore cross disciplinary perspectives to advancing brownfields research, 3) build relationships and capacity among researchers and funders, 4) identify possibilities for an international “learning” network, and 5) draft a “call for action” and “research agenda” for future collaboration.

There will be two, 40-minute breakout discussions.

Breakout Session 1: Taking stock of brownfields research in policy and practice—The gaps in brownfields research and identifying the key topics

Breakout Session 2: Bridging the research gap and overcoming barriers to the research process—The business of applied brownfields research and its challenges

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The workshop will conclude with an hour-long, large group session to share ideas generated from the breakout sessions, including the following:

  1. Strengthening collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners;
    1. Identifying research priorities and setting a research agenda;
    2. Exploring opportunities for an international “learning” network; and
    3. Building capacity through improving teaching/professional training.

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On Friday, May 17th, outcomes of the workshop will be shared at a Conference marketplace of ideas/roundtable discussion allowing everyone attending the conference an opportunity to determine the future of brownfields research.

Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Saint Louis University, and Ryerson University are hosting the event, which starts promptly at 10:30AM and ends at 1:00PM on Wednesday, May 15th. This event is limited to 75 participants.