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What is the Design Charrette?

The Design Charrette at Brownfields 2013 will bring together a group of individuals to collaboratively draft short-term development solutions for University Avenue in the City of Atlanta. This is an area that has high potential to be a booming urban center but needs help in order to get there. The focus of the charrette will be to provide the local planners, administrators, business owners, and particularly residents of the community immediate solutions to pressing issues surrounding this ¾ mile stretch of road.

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The Design Charrette will be held in the Georgia World Congress Center on Friday, May 17, 2013. Space is limited. 

Participants will:

  1. Identify gateway improvements along University Avenue and the key nodes identified in figure #2.  Special attention should be paid to those issues identified in the community pre-design charrette. 
  2. Develop interim uses for the AECF site and an implementation strategy that addresses the critical needs of the community.  These uses should have an implementation period of less than two years and could potentially operate congruently with permanent development projects.
  3. Utilize the project area as a catalyst to influence a positive change addressing critical neighborhood topics: unemployment, foreclosures, healthcare, food access, safety, amongst others.


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